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Sponsor one of our herd! Our horses work hard and that means they need regular farrier and vet care, good feed, and lots of love. Sponsor a horse for $150/mo for full care or $75/mo for 1/2 care. You will receive a monthly email with pictures and highlights of client and horse progress, and visits with your sponsored horse. The following horses need a sponsor:

Ready to sponsor one of our herd? It's easy! To sponsor a horse:

  1. In the left menu, select a monthly donation option of $75 or $150.
  2. Click the Subscribe button. You will be taken to the PayPal website.
  3. Note the name of your sponsored horse in the notes/comments.

meet the herd


Regal was donated to HELP in September 2002 by Kay Smith. He is a registered American Quarter Horse (AQHA) gelding whose full name is Lucky's Regal Cresent. He's our "steady Eddy," with a solid stance to hold any unbalanced rider. He has the patience of a saint! Regal loves his clients and turns it on to help them gain their independence. He loves to roll in the mud and scratch his belly while laying on the ground. Most days, he enjoys munching on grass and napping. Regal is sponsored now by Debbie and Paul Trylko.



Jake is a black bay Percheron cross gelding who came to HELP in April 2010. He has a sweet personality and is eager to please. At 16.3 hands, he is the tallest of our horses. While Jake's height makes him quite intimidating, he is truly a gentle giant. Jake is sponsored by Kristen Carey.




Rooster joined HELP in April of 2010, along with Jake. Friends of a HELP client understood how much HELP made a difference in our riders lives, so when they rescued Rooster and Jake, and had them rehabilitated and trained to be therapy horses, they donated them to the organization. Rooster loves to play jollyball with his buddy Jake. Don't let his small size fool you, he rules the pasture!




Mistee was donated to HELP in November 2015 by Erin Snyder and her daughter. She is a registered American Quarter Horse (AQHA) mare whose full name is Miss Tee Dee Bar. She's 21 years old now, but Mistee doesn't know it. Her forward and smooth gait helps riders at the walk and trot work on their riding skills. She's sensitive to her rider and volunteers and knows just how much patience from her they need. Mistee is looking for a sponsor! Click above to start HELPing today.




Jack and Tess are the great herd protectors at HELP. As progress closes in around us, coyotes are common visitors at night. Jack and Tess run them out of the field as part of their natural instincts. Jack also thinks of himself as the official welcoming committee. He will let out a very loud bray to welcome you to his home.



Since 1984, HELP has provided a safe and caring environment for people with challenges to experience the joy of equine partnership.
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We are a PATH International member center.

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